Cleaning Hacks for Refrigerated Vehicles & Mobile Cold Rooms

Cleaning Hacks

With summer in Australia fast approaching, it means greater demand for cold treats like ice cream and refreshing drinks. To have all these delicious treats transported to markets and groceries, many people rely on refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms.

But transporting perishable goods requires proper handling and storage during transportation. To make sure your refrigeration runs at optimal levels and stock remains in the best condition, proper cleaning and maintenance is key.

In this post, we share some cleaning hacks for your refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms.

Why bother cleaning?

Contaminated food can cause serious food-borne illnesses and even death. One of the ways food can become contaminated is by being stored in dirty or improperly refrigerated environments.  Businesses hauling refrigerated freight like fresh produce, poultry, meat, frozen foods or any food that gets adulterated and contaminated are subject to Australia’s Food Safety Standards.

There are also food transport laws and monitoring organisations are in place that crack down on companies and businesses that do not follow sanitary requirements for vehicles transporting goods and products.

Not only will an unclean refrigerated environment put people at risk, but it’s also against the law.

Easy Cleaning Hacks for Your Refrigerated Vehicle Van and Mobile Cold Rooms

Keeping your refrigerated vehicles in pristine condition can help minimise contamination and the
spread of bacteria. Proper cleaning procedures can also keep your vans in peak
condition for a lot longer.

  • Set regular check-ups and maintenance – schedule regular maintenance checks to keep vans in
    tiptop shape and to catch hygiene problems quickly. Think about setting a regular cleaning day each week.
  • Wash your refrigerated vehicles after each load – cleaning while it is empty is not only easier, but it ensures a more thorough clean
  • Use proper cleaning products – use only safe and specified products under Australia’s Food
    Safety Standards
  • Deal with mould and dew quickly – this is a top priority when it comes to commercial
    refrigeration. Find the right mix of products that can get rid of mould and mildew
  • Take out all removable parts – get the best health score by taking out removable parts, cleaning
    them thoroughly before putting them back in
  • Get a deep clean – hire a professional company quarterly and get refrigerated vehicles deep
  • Do pre and post trip checks – before and after every trip, make sure to do a check to ensure everything is in
    place and smoothly running. Clean up any spills right away and always dry thoroughly

Who Should Clean the Refrigerated Vehicles?

Most people can do regular cleaning and checks themselves, all you need to know is the standards set by food safety and handling. Make sure you do your research and write out a cleaning checklist, that way you can stay on top of every.

For deep cleaning and more technical maintenance, hire a professional who knows the intricacies of a refrigerated van and/or mobile cold rooms. This is especially important if you’re a business that must comply with sanitary standards.