Thinking of Hiring a Refrigerated Commercial Light Van?

Commercial light van

Thinking of hiring a commercial light van from us? Refrigerated commercial light vans have resolved a plethora of issues in keeping things fresh and safe in transit and for longer periods of time. They can be used for almost anything that needs to be kept refrigerated or frozen. In this post, we talk about commercial light vans and share some inspirations to get the best out of your commercial light van rental.

Smell the Flowers

Refrigerated vans can keep flowers fresh while transporting them to different locations.

Penguins can ‘spread their wings’ in a commercial van

Ever wonder how penguins get transferred at SeaWorld or your local zoo? These beautiful creatures are transported in refrigerated vans when they change their nest.

Flu Season

Flu vaccines can be transported to remote areas in these refrigerated commercial vans to keep them safe until reaching their required destination.

Pucker Up

Lipstick is very heat sensitive and it needs to be kept in a cool environment all the way from manufacturing to reaching the beauty counter.

Losing Scents?

If perfumes are exposed to high temperatures, they can actually lose their scent, so they need to be transported in refrigerated trucks.

Cargo Protection

For business owners and entrepreneurs who need to transport perishables on an infrequent basis, hiring a refrigerated commercial van may just be the answer.


By making use of a refrigerated commercial van for hire, you have the benefit of scalability. If you are regularly transporting perishables for a business where quantities are based on demand, hire makes more sense than buying as you can change the size of the truck you use on a needs basis.


There are peaks and troughs throughout the year in any business, especially in the food industry. Christmas and Easter are key periods when our clients are at their busiest. However, throughout non-holiday periods things can slow down.

Hiring a refrigerated commercial van gives you flexibility with how many vehicles you have on your roster. When you invest in an entire fleet, you only have those vehicles available to you and you also have them at times when you don’t really need them.

Temperature Control

Refrigerated vans and transport allows you to set a temperature range that suit your cargo. And you can change it when your cargo changes as well.

A performance run

If you’re considering buying one, why not try one first? See how it suits your needs as well as on an as-needed basis.


Get in touch with us today if you would like to hire a refrigerated van.