Desserts At The Market (Keeping Desserts Cool On The Go)

Desserts at the market

Many desserts rely on a constant cold temperature to maintain flavour, texture, and shape. Having to transport or store desserts, particularly those containing fresh cream or egg whites, without refrigeration can be disastrous – not only to the integrity of the dessert but also for health and safety reasons. 

In this post, we talk about the various ways small businesses and market stalls can keep their desserts looking and tasting delicious.

Lined Coolers

Tiny pop-ups use what many campers swear by – lined aluminised bubble wrap (usually used to insulate homes) inside small coolers. If you really want to keep things cool for as long as possible, you can also buy a thin sheet of foam—or trim an old yoga mat that’s been scrubbed clean—and lay it on top of the food, as an extra bit of insulation. Doing that, and keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight, can help everything stay chilled.

Homemade Ice Packs & Water Balloons

Crushed ice cools food and drinks faster, however ice bricks last longer and are better suited to keeping coolers cold over a long period of time. Making your own ice containers for the cooler is a great way to keep food cold without spending too much on crushed ice.

Balloons can be used for more than just blowing up, they’re perfect for freezing ice. Fill and freeze water balloons, then nestle them around the food you need to keep cool. Once the balloons are fully thawed, they can be used for epic water fights.

Refrigerated Vehicle Hire and Mobile Cold Room Hire

If your market stall has a lot of product and ingredients to store and transport, there is no better way to keep everything chill than with an easy-to-use, reliable and temperature-controlled refrigerated vehicle or mobile cold room.

It’s like having a fridge on-site, but these mobile cold rooms are set on heavy-duty wheels that can glide easily over sand, rocks and gravelly parking lots (where many pop-up markets are held). Food delivery companies also take advantage of refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers for perishable food, so why not market stall holders?

Utilise Space

Full coolers, refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms stay colder for longer. But be careful not to over-pack them, as this will have the opposite effect.

Food should be packed inside to ensure the door or lid can seal properly and doesn’t stay open for extended periods of time. Store foods that will be consumed last at the back or on the bottom and often-used food on top of the cooler or at the front of the mobile cold room.

Temperature Contrasts

It’s important to note the role that temperature plays in order to provide contrast in dessert menu items. Temperature contrasts are as simple as warming up sauce in the microwave or scooping out some ice cream. The trick to temperature contrasts is making sure they arrive to the customer at the desired temperature. Which is why having a cooling system in place such a mobile cold room can truly be the determining factor for the success of a dessert stall.

Dessert tips:

A scoop of sorbet begins melting the moment it is placed on a plate so it must be served quickly to prevent ruining its appearance. Try placing the scoop on top of your dessert instead of placing it on the plate directly, or chill the plate ahead of time to prevent the sorbet from melting so quickly.

To add a cool contrast to your presentation try using a scoop of an iced dessert or a chilled fruit sauce. Iced desserts like ice cream, sorbet, and granita have huge flavour and colour potential, plus  these components can powerfully transform your dessert. Refrigerate a fruit sauce to cool it down before serving. Just like iced desserts, fruit sauces can provide lots of flavour and colour potential.


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