Do you need Refrigerated Transport in Winter?

Now that the weather’s cooling down, you might be wondering, do you still need refrigerated transport in winter?

The answer is: yes.

While cooler weather may help to prolong the shelf life of some goods, refrigerated storage is still needed. This is because fresh and frozen foods need to be stored at a consistent temperature to keep them safe for consumption.

Changes or fluctuations in temperature during transport can be one of the major reasons for food spoilage and poisoning.

Foods are not the only item that still requires refrigerated transport in winter. Here are a few more items that need refrigerated transport all year round:

Fresh Flowers

Keeping flowers fresh can be a challenge, even during winter. Fresh flowers need particular conditions to thrive in, and if those conditions are off, then the flowers won’t last. With refrigerated transport, you can maintain optimal temperature and humidity, keeping flowers fresher for longer.

Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products like medicines and vaccines need to be stored at the correct temperature. If they are stored or handled incorrectly, then they can become ineffective or harmful. This is why using refrigerated transport is essential, even in winter.

Biological Matter

Another area where refrigerated transport is important is in delivering biological matter like blood and organs. These items need to stay at the correct temperature at all times in order to be useful for transplants, testing, and transfusions. Being able to control the temperature is crucial.

Flammable Products

Lastly, anything that is flammable also needs to be kept at a consistent temperature. Even though it may seem cold enough in winter, the temperature fluctuations could be enough to cause flammable materials to combust. The best way to avoid the risk is to use refrigerated transport.

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