Enjoying Easter in the heat

In less than two weeks, Easter will be here.

But while it’s certainly a time many of us get excited about,¬†be it for the religious meaning, the chocolate, or the chance to have a few extra days off, it’s always worth keeping the Australian climate in mind. For this blog, we’ve placed our focus specifically on how to still have fun with your family during Easter while still accounting for our oft-hot weather.


Storing your Easter eggs

Some parts of Australia may get to experience a somewhat¬†chilly Easter weekend, but for many parts of the country heat and humidity will stay reign supreme. Suffice to say, all that heat can be a bit of a pain when you’re trying to enjoy a delicious, chocolatey Easter egg. Before you know it, it’s melting everywhere and has only served to make eating it a test of patience. The solution is simple, of course – you may just want to store your treats away in the fridge or even a freezer. It all depends on just how solid you like your chocolate to be. But given a large majority of Easter eggs (and other Easter chocolates) tend to be hollow, a lot of the joy comes in hearing that crunch when you bite down. And if you really love having a glass of milk with your chocolate, why not pour some into the inside of a chocolate egg and then drink it out of there? As a bonus, the coolness of the milk helps solidify the chocolate egg once more when the sun tries to melt it.

The hunt

If you’re a fan of the Easter egg hunt, then no doubt you’re looking forward to hiding a whole host of Easter treats around your home and/or yard. However, just as it is with keeping things in one unmelted piece in general, you may want to account for exactly where you hide the treats. Obviously, if you don’t want them melting into unrecognisable heaps, then having them rest in the yard may not be the best option – however, placing them in some shade may work, especially if you’re starting to get the early morning autumn chills where you live.

Your best bet, however, is to keep the hunt exclusively within the confines of your home. Still worried that they could melt? If you have air conditioning, then you can better maintain the temperature to prevent that from happening. If not, then perhaps your Easter egg hunt can be more of a “right answer gets an egg” affair, allowing you to still store your treats in the fridge until they’re ready to be given to the winner.

General health

All Easter-themed ideas aside, it’s important to always look after yourself when the weather still has the potential of causing heat-related issues. So make sure that you and your loved ones stay properly protected with sun screen, by resting in the shade, and drinking plenty of fluids – we know milk may be a popular option on Easter, but don’t get water, too.