Enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017

Enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017

It’s holy week, so you know what the means? A lot of Easter celebrations! Of course, it also means food and enjoying the last of the hot weather as winter creeps up on us. In this post, we talk about enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017.

Live Large Festival

This free event is all-access – boasting a festival that is the first of it’s kind. “Held over two days at Easter, Live Large is a unique festival with music, food, entertainment and the arts, curating compelling experiences and inspiring new thinking about what it means to live large and how this one idea brings us all together as a community.” as it says in a nutshell on their website. From stalls that feature browsealoud screen reader tools to a venue layout that has wider pathways, varied seating and assistance with service heights, and charging stations to recharge wheelchairs, mobility scooters and assistive tech devices – the festival is certainly doing its best to be “all-access”. What better way to celebrate Easter with everyone?  

The festival features food trucks and refrigerated vehicles from The Bun Mobile, How We Rolls, Carolina Kitchen, Ze Pickle and J’adore Les Crepes.

Self Catering

If you have a huge family and plan to do a reunion this year at Easter, here’s a few tips when it comes to food and refrigeration:

  • Eggs need to be refrigerated promptly! Keeping eggs adequately refrigerated prevents any Salmonella in the eggs. Make sure to buy eggs only from stores that keep them refrigerated and refrigerate unused eggs or leftovers that contain eggs asap. Don’t keep boiled eggs unrefrigerated for more than two hours.
  • Want something special to cook this Easter for your friends and family? Check out Jamie Oliver’s site for a plethora of Easter-themed recipes or check out Epicurious.

Thinking of starting your own food truck business? You’ll need a refrigerated vehicle! Want to cater at an event? You’ll need a refrigerated vehicle or a mobile cold room! We offer both short and long term rentals.