What would your food look like what a festival without a mobile cold room?

What would your food look like what a festival without a mobile cold room?

Imagine for a minute with us. What would your food look like at a festival without a mobile cold room? In this post, we take on a creative yet realistic re-imagining of what having a cold room means to a food stand at a festival.

Logistics Plan

Without a mobile cold room or refrigerated vehicle (truck or van) on site, means you have to either run back and forth to a main kitchen (which could be further than you would like) Alternatively, you’ll have to set up temporary fixed refrigeration on site – meaning you also have to make sure you are in close proximity to power; consider how you are going to set it up; how you will get your equipment and temporary refrigeration in place; and the safety of items (that they aren’t damaged, since fixed refrigeration isn’t made to be moved often). There’s a lot to consider when it comes to refrigeration for outdoor events. That’s why mobile cold rooms for big outdoor events are the perfect solution because they are pretty much plug n play ready – just place your mobile cold room where needed, they’re already on wheels so they are easy to move where needed and get to things fast as you need them.

Temporary Refrigeration

Consider your mobile cold room or refrigerated truck rental as a fridge on wheels, this ‘temporary’ solution can keep food cold and fresh for extended periods. The temperatures help food stay fresh longer, making your catering business more efficient and cost effective (through less food spoilage and wastage) and saves time having to run around to get things out of a fixed refrigeration solution).

Time to cook

Moving around for a mobile food business means refrigeration is key. How much harder would it be to rely on refrigeration that isn’t at your fingertips? Orders can come in at rapid fire speed, your customers are waiting, they’re hungry, and because at a festival where lines can get long, they’re already impatient before they’ve even gotten to you. Plus, because it’s at a festival, mobile catering businesses are sure to get a flood of customers. A mobile cold room means you can stock up ahead and prepare for the masses.


If you’re looking for a solution to help with your refrigerations needs at any outdoor festival, contact us. We offer both short term and long term refrigerated truck rental and mobile cold room hire.