5 Food Trucks in Australia

Brisk Food Truck Australia

Do you think you’ve got the next biggest food idea and want to get it to all sorts people? Food trucks might just be the answer to do just that. For one thing, they’re mobile, bringing you literally closer to more people when you park in a trendy area. They can can get you in the heart of things and provide accessible dining options for busy workday lunches or catering for corporate events, festivals and other outdoor events. Refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms can help make your mobile business a success – keeping your food and beverages cool and fresh. From Chinese to Greek cuisine and everything in between, in this post, we share 5 food trucks in Australia to inspire you.

Note: all photos below were sourced from the respective business’s website.

The Gumbo Kitchen

Brisk Food Truck Australia

Offering a delicious menu, not to mention, its namesake – gumbo! The Gumbo Kitchen, first started making its rounds in 2011, their mission is to bring the taste, flavour and unique culture of New Orleans to Melbourne and its streets. Be sure to keep up with their truck’s location by visiting their FB page.

The Brulee Cart

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Looking for a portable Creme Brulee vendor? No? Well, once you’ve tried a treat from the Brulee Cart you’ll probably change your mind, just like crowds hunkering for the Brulee Cart’s crunchy and gooey treat every time they roll into town. Instead of offering a large menu, they focus on what they do best – Creme Brulee of course! Using fresh eggs, cream and locally-grown vanilla from Victoria, they’re a popular favourite in Melbourne.

The Veggie Patch Van

Brisk Food Truck Australia

Think of the van as a travelling barn – literally. Built from reclaimed timber, its engine even runs on veggie oil. Serving Falafel burgers covered in herbs, and fresh juices to name a few, their menu certainly reflects their name. You can catch them cruising around Sydney.

Cantina Movil

Brisk Food Truck Australia

Burritos, Nachos or Tacos for lunch? Um, yes please! Cantina Movil is exactly as it’s called, a mobile snack bar in Sydney. Serving up some Mexican favourites, you can also get them to cater for your own private or corporate event – making it into a true fiesta! Apart from the mobile business, they also have two non-mobile vans in Darlo and Glebe.

The Bun Mobile

Brisk Food Truck Australia

Cited by the New York Times as one of the best eateries in Brisbane on or off wheels, The Bun Mobile is more than just your average eat out. Their menu boasts of sweet and salty Chinese buns filled with twice cooked Pork, Teriyaki Chicken or Wagyu Beef and also have daily changing specials for less than $10 each.