The Best Foods In QLD To Cool You Down This Summer

cool you down this summer

Summer in Queensland is hot! December marked the start of the summer months and Aussies simply love summer

From the months of December to February, Queensland is full of sunshine and longer days, but that can mean soaring temperatures and high humidity. But many people have come up with downright delicious ways to beat the heat. Find out the best foods and drinks to keep you cool this summer. 

Summer in Queensland

Besides the Christmas season, the months of December to February are much awaited in Australia because of summer.

All over the state, there are plenty of things to do and see. Take north Queensland Great Barrier Reef, it’s summer paradise this time of year. This part of Queensland is also known for its wide variety of fresh seafoods.

Many sun seekers flock to the Queensland capital of Brisbane where the mountains meet the sea. There are lots of fun things to do in Queensland and it’s one the most visited places in the world because of its rich tourism scene!

Cool Down This Summer with These Delicious Foods and Drinks

  • Nitrogen Ice Cream Truck – the latest gourmet rage in Australia that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream. But what’s so special about this ice cream? Nitrogen hastens the freezing process so fast that ice crystals become smaller, making nitrogen ice cream creamier and smoother in texture!
  • Dairy-free Ice Cream Truck – this is pretty good news for health buffs and lactose intolerant Aussies who want to enjoy ice cream! Thanks to almond, cashew, sesame and more, you get to cool down and get a taste of dairy-free ice cream.
  • Mobile Cocktail Bars – a growing trend in Australia where bars bring their cocktails on wheels! You can have delicious snacks and drinks anywhere with a mobile cocktail bar.
  • Coconut Water – how does fresh coconut water sound? It’s the latest craze and there’s a reason why. Coconut water is fortified with nutrients and it’s also very refreshing and thirst quenching.
  • Microbreweries – Aussies love to have a merry old time with a cold beer in hand!
  • Sugarcane Juice – like coconut water, sugarcane juice is a healthy and locally sourced alternative to soda. Healthy and supporting local business, perfect!