The 3 Essential Steps For Frozen Food Delivery

frozen food

Running a successful food business in Brisbane requires reliable and self-contained refrigerated options. Many businesses like to use refrigerated van rentals or mobile cold rooms for hire for flexibility and mobility.

Many fresh foods are snap frozen to ensure they are kept in their peak condition. Once frozen, their temperature needs to be maintained or they will spoil, that’s why is very important for food businesses to have reliable refrigeration equipment.

In this post, we discuss the special requirements for storing and transporting frozen food items.

Frozen Food Hazards

One of the biggest hazards to frozen food is when appropriate temperature is not provided during transport – instead the food is transferred from frozen to room temperature and back again, compromising the quality of the food items.

Using a refrigerated van rental or mobile cold room allows you to transport the food at a consistent temperature – if the temperature is too low, it might damage the goods but if it is too high, it may encourage microbial growth. To ensure precise temperature control, make sure that you are aware of the specifics surrounding the safe temperatures of your load. Also, don’t forget to pre-cool the truck to the required temperature before you load it with the frozen goods! Even a short period of exposure to elevated temperatures can damage frozen goods.

1. Consistent Temperatures

Vehicles must be refrigerated if used for transporting or serving food off-site.

The suggested air temperature of delivery vehicles: For chilled foods 0°C to +5°C. For frozen food –18°C.

Food deliveries should not be left exposed to the elements. All deliveries should be transferred to suitable storage without delay. 

2. Avoid Cross-contamination

Always store like with like. Try to keep vegetables and meats separate and if you’re transporting raw and cooked foods, make sure they are segregated.

3. Highly trained staff

How are your staff when it comes to dealing with frozen items? Make sure that everyone is across the requirements of storing and handling frozen food and are well versed with food safety standards.

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