How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Event Industry In Australia?

Social distancing is just one of the impacts on the events industry

Across Australia, everyone is getting used to the ‘new normal’ with social distancing, venue check-ins and plenty of sanitiser. 

While restrictions have eased across the country, there are industries that are still feeling the impact of the pandemic. Many are suffering from the continued consequences of lockdown. 

The event industry is one of these.

The Initial Impacts

When coronavirus first came to our shores, it wasn’t long before the entire country went into a hard lockdown.

While this was a great strategy for suppressing the virus, it also meant that numerous events were forced to cancel on short notice.

This industry employs hundreds of thousands of Australians and had a devastating effect on the economy when they were not able to go ahead. 

Why Are The Effects Still Continuing on The Event Industry?

Although many events are back on again this year, the event industry isn’t fully recovered.

Almost every state has experienced a ‘snap lockdown’ after a case has been detected in the community.

With these sorts of lockdowns hanging over event organisers’ heads, it has been difficult for this sector to get going again. 

The end of Jobseeker and Jobkeeper will also prove to be another obstacle for the industry. 

Taking into account the loss of revenue from the previous year, as well as the lack of international tourism that the sector usually enjoys, it won’t be an easy way out. 

It’s Not All Bad News

Australia is excelling in it’s COVID-19 management, and as a result, events are starting to return.

There also seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for this sector and many others, with the COVID Vaccine rolling out in Australia. 

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