How refrigeration changed the way we look at food

Brisk Refrigeration

Can you imagine life without refrigeration? How about having an ice box at home that needs to be constantly replenished? Refrigeration (aka artificial cooling) is one those modern wonders that many of us take for granted, how much to have mobile refrigeration.

Food preservation

Think of what’s in your fridge right now. Even though we don’t necessarily keep all our fruit in the fridge all year round, it’s all been kept nice and chilled on its journey to your home. Some of this produce comes from hundreds, if not thousands (for more exotic varieties), of kilometres to get to your local supermarket and without refrigeration you wouldn’t have any of it.

Same with fish – you’d have to live in close proximity to the sea or lake to get fresh fish and your choices would be limited too. Nowadays, fish is quickly frozen and then defrosted after traveling to your supermarket. And how about meat? Meat and poultry must be refrigerated as soon as possible after cooking if not being consumed straight away, as the warmth of the food will encourage growth of any microbes.

Any foods that are perishable (such as fruits and vegetables; fresh meat; dairy goods and other foods purchased from chill cabinets, freshly cooked food stored to be used later) must be refrigerated to ensure its lasting quality and health safety. In fact, look at your local supermarket aisles and most produce their was either brought there or currently sitting cool and fresh thanks to refrigeration.

B.R (Before Refrigeration)

Burying vegetables in root cellars to preserve food; meals primarily focused on local foods or curing meats to preserve them for later; heavy emphasis on dry goods (e.g flour, tea, spices) which had probably been shipped from far away; iceboxes (where ice was excavated in huge blocks and more than 50% of it would be melted by the time it got to its destination) etc. these were some ways that people handled food before refrigeration came onto the scene. Fast forward to today and you’ll find our major food distribution is totally dependent on an efficient cold chain system.

Food on demand

Refrigeration gives us the opportunity to enjoy food products that might not be fresh but, through the use of refrigeration, still taste as they were intended for without having to be pickled or cured or canned, just as they are. What’s even more exciting nowadays is that refrigeration isn’t limited to stationary installations. At Brisk we provide refrigerated truck rentals and mobile cold rooms for hire in Brisbane, so you can keep food and produce cool and fresh up to the last second! You don’t have to worry about cakes you want to sell from melting before being sold and you don’t have to worry about meat getting contaminated and losing its taste out of the fridge before serving it at large outdoor events.