How Refrigeration Has Changed The Way We Consume Food

Can you imagine life without refrigeration?

While refrigeration has become an essential part of everyday life, it wasn’t always like this. In this blog, we’re looking at how refrigeration has changed the way we consume food.

Preserving Food

Before refrigeration, people use different methods for preserving foods.

For example, meats were cured through dehydration, smoking or salting. Fresh fruits and vegetables were pickled and canned or turned into jams and chutneys. There was less focus on eating foods while they were fresh, instead, they were preserved for later.

Shopping Habits

Refrigeration has also changed our shopping habits, and the types of food we consume. In previous generations, people went to the local shop or market everyday to get meat, fruit and veg, and dairy products. 

Now, refrigeration has allowed us to create supermarkets where we can access fresh food in a convenient way.

More Variety

Refrigeration has enabled us to transport foods further distances without spoiling. Instead of only eating local produce, we now have access to global produce. For example, you can purchase frozen fish at your local supermarket, even if you don’t live near the ocean. Refrigerated transport has made this possible.

Refrigeration has had a big impact on the way we consume and transport food. If you’ve got fresh produce that needs refrigerated transport, talk to the team at Brisk Fridge.

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