How to Use Your Refrigerated Truck

refrigerated-truck-guidelinesAre you a first time Renter of a refrigerated Truck?

The most important aspect is taking the steps to get the most out of your refrigerated truck rental, particularly in terms of efficiency and lower energy consumption. In today’s article, we offer some steps worth noting so you can maximise your return on your refrigerated truck rental successfully.

How to use your refrigerated truck correctly

How effectively your refrigerated truck runs will always depend on how you use it. Are you following the right steps to ensure your goods are properly refrigerated or not? Luckily, the necessary steps are very straight forward. As long as you follow them, you’ll find your refrigeration efforts will be far more effective and less taxing.

Here are some steps worth observing:

  • Before placing anything in the refrigerated section of your truck, be sure to set your required temperature ,and then start to pre-chill the storage area , depending on the outside temperature it can take around 2 minutes for the temperature to drop 1 degree
  • Make sure to minimise the amount of time that doors are open for to reduce how much   heat and humidity builds up within the body.
  • If possible, make sure the goods and products you’re placing inside the refrigerated body are already at or close to the set temperature you want them to be during transport – this reduces the amount of energy lost with your truck trying to appropriately cool down your goods and products
  • Make sure that nothing you store ends up blocking the evaporator intake / outlet points
  • Space your stored goods with appropriate gaps to allow for proper air circulation – this will lead to more efficient cooling
  • Keep an eye on the temperature at regular intervals and adjust accordingly

We hope this information proves of value to you.


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