Inspiring Ice Cream Trucks


It’s a sound that makes most of us think about childhood, of summertime and outings to the beach, or long days at home as you waited for it come. The familiar jingle as the truck came and stopped while you fumbled for some change. Ding da ding ding, ding da ding, ding ding da ding da ding…do you remember the days when ice cream trucks were one of the best times to look forward to during the summer break from school?

Not as popular these days due to tighter emission standards and regulations, this once thriving mobile business was such a joy to experience but they’re not all gone. In this post, we take a look at some inspiring ice cream trucks both here and abroad that still exist that use refrigerated trucks.

Mr Whippy

There have been several ice cream trucks in Australia that have come and gone, but Mr Whippy is probably the most recognisable. Though not as many in their fleet as before, you can find the majority of Mr Whippy trucks parked at beaches, popular parks and at school fetes. Ice cream isn’t the only thing these food trucks serve, you can also get hot snacks such as chips and dagwood dogs.

Home Ice Cream

Launched in 1988 by a family based near Toowoomba, nowadays Home Ice Cream is a franchise with a presence all over the country,. Unlike the traditional ice cream trucks of Australia, Home Ice Cream acts more like a travelling seller of boxed ice creams that you might find at the local grocery. Their business is more on bulk buying.

Cool Haus

Heading to the states, ice cream trucks are much more prominent with several serving the New York streets alone. We had to feature Coolhaus, as their ice cream truck boasts inventive ice cream flavours – imagine keylime pie flavour or perhaps an even more daring Peking duck flavour.


Here’s an idea that could just take off in Australia too. This American-based ice cream truck serves frozen goodies that are fat-free. They have numerous frozen yogurt and coffee concoctions that everyone can enjoy.


Lastly, we head to LA. The king of soft serves, they also offer milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. This ice cream business also takes private bookings so sometimes you won’t see their truck on the street because they’re that popular for events!