Know Your Hire Vehicle’s Fuel Capacity – Avoid Being Stranded

Truck stopping for fuel

When you hire a vehicle like a refrigerated truck, it’s important to consider it’s fuel capacity to avoid being stranded and make sure you reach your destination. 

Factors like size, model, and engine of the truck and the load you’re carrying will impact the vehicle’s fuel economy and capacity. 

Here’s some top tips to make sure you know your hire vehicle’s fuel capacity and have the best experience transporting your goods. 

Check The Fuel Capacity With The Hire Company

The best way to know the fuel capacity of your hire vehicle is to check with the company. Ask them for reviews from previous customers on how well it has performed when transporting their goods. 

Measure Your Load

The weight of your load makes a difference to your truck’s fuel capacity. For example, a heavier load will burn up more fuel and so decrease your capacity. If you have multiple heavy items, it may be more efficient to make multiple trips. 

Choose The Right Size Truck

Consider the size of the load you need to transport. There’s no use having way too much space or not enough space in your hired truck. 

Take a look at Brisk’s modern range of refrigerated trucks, vans and utes to find the right size for your needs. 

Plan Your Route

Take the time to plan out your route and determine the distance between stopping for fuel. A shorter route means you’ll have to stop less often, so you can save money. 

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