When you might need a last minute mobile cold room

mobile-freezerA common reason why people use mobile cold rooms is because they can be a huge advantage when last minute, unexpected situations arise. What kind of unexpected situations do you ask? In this post, we share some examples when mobile cold room hire can come in super handy as part of your contingency plan when your regular refrigeration fails.

The Power is out

It doesn’t happen often but it does, and when it does the consequences can be devastating to any restaurant, cafe, or store that sells fresh produce and goods. While most times when electricity falls out it returns as quick as possible it can take anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours to resume. Even in the smallest of periods, this can affect the items that need to be refrigerated, chilled or frozen, and the longer time they aren’t kept at the required temperatures, the more chance of spoilage and loss.

Your business is moving locations

If you’re planning to expand or move locations, you won’t need to worry about the transfer period, with the help of refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms you can ensure that your produce and goods which need to be chilled are transferred safely and arrive in the same condition as they were before being moved.

You’ve been requested to go off-site

If you own a food and beverage business and you’ve been requested to bring your catering capabilities off site – how do you keep your produce and good fresh? Market vendors are a good example to emulate in these situations. Picture outdoor market stalls and pop up shops – they’re able to serve hundreds of people in a day given limited refrigeration space and a mobile cold room. Trailers can be towed to your off-site location and set up wherever you can find adequate parking space and access to an electrical outlet.

Due to their temporary nature, versatility and quick installation, mobile cold rooms can be used in all sorts of places such as very large event spaces, office towers, commercial spaces, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, construction sites etc.

Planned or emergency maintenance on your current cooling systems

It’s inevitable that sometime or another your existing cooling systems will need to have a maintenance check-up. But this can really disrupt productivity not to mention misplace the contents inside. With a mobile cold room you’ll be able ensure all the contents are kept at the same temperature requirements to be transferred back into your fixed refrigeration when it’s ready.

The special event you’re catering for exceeds your regular refrigeration needs

Sometimes your fixed cold rooms just don’t have the capacity for big, once-in-a-while events and situations. At times like these, you can ensure that you can cover your requirements without having to invest in an extension of you permanent cold room which wouldn’t be used as much at other times during the year.