Maintaining Your Food’s Integrity During Summer

As the weather heats up, keeping your food in top condition can be a challenge. Increases in heat and humidity can affect the quality of fresh foods and meats, making them unfit to eat. 

So, what can be done?

How Heat Affects Food

In summer, the heat can cause a range of foods to age and deteriorate. The heat also accelerates bacteria growth, presenting health risks

For example, leaving meat and dairy products in a hot environment encourages bacteria to grow and so spoils the food. Even dry goods like bread or potato chips can sweat and go mouldy in the heat. 

How to Minimise Risks

To reduce the risk of your food going off, always store it in a cool place, away from the sun. Make sure to refrigerate meats immediately, or freeze them for longer shelf life. 

When thawing out meat, always place it in the fridge and not on the bench to ensure bacteria doesn’t start to grow. Once the meat is cooked, try to eat it as soon as possible and place any leftovers in the fridge. 

Remember, if your food looks or smells off, then it’s best to discard it. Look for mould spots or bacteria growth. It’s not worth the risk of being sick with food poisoning. 

Need More Refrigeration?

Another great way to maintain your food’s integrity in summer is by hiring a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room. With a hired vehicle, you can keep your goods icy cold and transport them wherever you need to go. 

At Brisk, we have a range of vehicles equipped with the latest in refrigeration technology. Whether it’s for a party, work function, holiday, or fishing trip, our refrigerated vehicles are the perfect solution to ensure your goods arrive in top notch condition. 

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