Essentials to hosting a Melbourne Cup party

melbourne-cup-2014-logoWhether at home or an office, sometimes forking out hundreds of dollars per person for a Melbourne Cup event can be a little too steep.

Luckily, there is always the alternate option of throwing a party at your own place/office. Of course, while you may not have to necessarily worry about putting on a suit or picking out a fascinator, there are still some essentials any good Melbourne Cup party needs.

1. Finger food

A Melbourne Cup party rarely runs for only the duration of the main race, but throughout the day and possibly right into the night. Some may start from midday, or some may boldly decide to start eating and drinking before the afternoon sets in.

Either way, you’ll need finger food – small snacks that can satiate an appetite over several hours without being too overwhelming. If you want, you can include a meal in there, but don’t make it too heavy. Most Melbourne Cup parties don’t push food on people, but rather have it there for anyone who ends up feeling a little famished.

2. Alcohol

Need we say more? Alcohol and the Melbourne Cup are basically synonymous with one another. Make sure you have some champagne and beer, and possibly some other variations of wine for good measure. Melbourne Cup for many may not be so much about the race, but the chance to unwind. And there’s nothing quite like a good drink to help one unwind. So make sure you stock up. Oh, and don’t forget you’ll need something to keep them all nice and chilled in. A mobile cold room, perhaps?

3. A theme

Okay, while you’re by no means bound to a certain attire when hosting a party at home or in your office, a theme is still worth considering. Should people wear a certain colour or item of clothing? Whatever you decide on, this theme should show through from the invites you send out to the way your space is decorated.

4. TV

While us saying “have a TV” may seem a little obvious at the moment, it’s not uncommon to hear of people who actually forgot to have one when Melbourne Cup happens – this is more common in office spaces, of course. The reason for this is because there just aren’t that many parties that ever require the need of a TV. So, almost by a type of second nature, it can simply slip some people’s minds. But yes, make sure you don’t forget the all important TV to watch the actual race on.

5. The sweep

Again, this is another example of something that seems blatantly obvious with the Melbourne Cup, but can just as easily slip the mind on the idea. With the home or office sweep, try having it all set a few days prior. That way you can design something that goes beyond a piece of paper you frantically cut into pieces and filled out on the day.