Mining Mobile Food Trucks

Food Trucks are popping up everywhere, especially in our capital cities – so in this post, we’re paying closer attention to food trucks near mining areas!

Why Food trucks are great for Mining Towns

Mobility – as they can move on demand, they provide a diversity of food options in areas with typically limited choice. But policies and ways to get licenses do need to be reviewed to make them a more attractive work proposition.  

Sustainability – By offering more dining options mining towns have more attractive reasons for a more permanent population. 

Captive Market – if you’re a food truck that serves a mining community, only you and a few other food truck businesses will be doing so. This means you can build loyalty, and best of all, a community around what you serve.

Things To Food Truck Operators Need To Consider In Mining towns

Preparation – In the food truck industry, most days are predictable… but on some special days, you will truly need to give out extra. When it comes to mining towns, you can count on the fact that most days you will need to prepare enough for your regular customers. Other days, you might find that everyone wants to eat at the Food Truck – there’s no real rhyme or reason to it, but it’s always better to be over prepared!

Financial Stability – This one is a huge plus. Think bigger than food trucks… you could expand your business and offer more permanent options for remote management facilities, or even cater to mine camps. 

Refrigerated Trucks Brisbane

If you’re thinking of starting a food truck business in Queensland, hire your truck first and run a trial before you go all out. This will give you a lease time as you begin your business.

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