Getting the best out of a mobile cold room tips

mobile cold roomA big family reunion is coming up and you and some other members in your family want to cater the event. This reunion is major, with cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents…you get the picture, they will all be in attendance. How do you keep your food and drinks at an optimum temperature for service and food safety? In this post, we share some mobile cold room tips to get the best out of it in relation to how it actually works. 


Choosing a mobile cold room that is built using quality materials such as heavy duty insulated panels and sturdy flooring and features quality fittings and shelving, ensures that its contents stays fresh and the room itself more durable with greater longevity.


At Brisk, our mobile cold rooms feature 2 and 3 tier shelves and food rails. Store items to best fit each storage compartment to provide optimum use of area insider your mobile refrigeration. When storing cartons or slabs, keep them away from the walls, this leaves gaps for the air to circulate, allowing for your mobile cold room to work more efficiently and for quicker cooling. Use the shelves for salads, pies, cakes, desserts etc. for hygiene and easy access.


Food and beverages yet to be refrigerated can take a long time to be brought to optimum temperature for serving. Make sure to get your mobile cold room the night before or at least a few hours before your event commences. This will allow you to stock your cold room and bring its content to the right temperature for serving. When you buy drinks, get them already cold as this will save save time and beverages in particular can take several hours to refrigerate.

Freezing Points

If you need a mobile freezer, to get the most out of it you need a basic understanding of freezing. In order to freeze something you need to change the way the molecules within that substance interacts with one another. One way to do this is to reduce the temperature. When the ambient temperature goes down, molecules don’t move as freely within the space that they occupy. It causes them to move closer together, thereby strengthening the bond between them. If the temperature increases, the opposite occurs. The more rapidly food is frozen the better its condition on thawing will be. Different substances have different freezing points, for example water freeze at 0°C, while salt is even lower. This gives you a brief background of why different products you keep in cold storage have different optimal storage temperatures. Make sure you know the points of freezing for the different goods you need to freeze or refrigerate.


Position your mobile cold room near to where you will be preparing and serving your food and drinks. If setting up in your garage, make sure that the mobile cold room can fit in under your garage door and once in position is stable and doesn’t roll around.    

Hygienic Practices

Guests can get sick when improper handling or storage of food occurs. You can avoid this by doing the following:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling food
  • Keep food at a min. Temperature of 4°C or cooler prior to serving
  • Use separate utensils including knives, tongs, serving spoons and cutting boards for different meats, salads and vegetables.
  • Avoid contamination by separating raw and cooked foods.