The Most Popular Times to Hire a Refrigerated Vehicle


In this post, we discuss the best and most popular times to hire a refrigerated vehicle. Christmas is right around the corner, and this means summer in Australia. Refrigerated trucks play a great role during the festive season as there is more demand for food and fresh produce, as well as high temperatures.

The Best Time to hire a refrigerated vehicle

In many industries today, refrigerated vehicles are becoming a must to preserve and deliver goods safely. These are the times when refrigerated vehicles are most in demand:

  • Holiday season – The summer holidays go from December to January. From meat, seafood, veggies, and fruit, every food you can think of is in demand during the holiday season. To deliver safe food, you may need the help of refrigerated vans.
  • Graduation season – graduation time is popular at the end of the year, in November/December, but it also picks up again mid-year around July. With the season in full swing, the services of catering companies are more in demand more than ever.
  • Wedding months – Aussies love getting married in the months of March and October. These months fall in spring and autumn respectively. Refrigerated vans during this time are especially essential for destination weddings.
  • Valentine’s Day – the whole month of February is considered the love month and what better way to express your feelings that with flowers! To preserve floral arrangements, companies use refrigerated vans to store and transport flowers. Candy and chocolate bouquets are also very popular in Australia and they need to stay refrigerated to prevent melting.
  • Fruit picking season – a variety of fruits are harvested at different months in Queensland. During these months, refrigerated vans are in high demand for distribution.

The Use of Refrigerated Vehicles: A Smart Business Decision

Using a refrigerated vehicle might be the smartest decision you could make for your business. Here are some reasons why:

  • Customer satisfaction – the heart of any business. If you want to satisfy customers with your stock at it’s best quality and make a long-lasting impression, using a refrigerated van can help.
  • Seasonal needs – demands on your business may fluctuate depending on the season. Having a short-term refrigeration option on hand can be a life-saver.
  • Testing new ideas – you may want to add more products to your business or extend your business locations, but want to test the waters before committing to it. Hiring a refrigerated van or mobile cold room short-term is the perfect for your trial periods.

A refrigerated vehicle can be helpful is many areas, such as restaurant, catering, frozen meat, floral distribution, food service and home delivery business.

Refrigerated Vehicles in Australia

Australia has a rigorous and strict food health and hygiene legislation that many companies have to follow. For example, the government requires different temperatures for fresh, frozen or dairy products. Food professionals check temperatures before delivery to ensure that no contamination happens as products are transported. That’s why Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals are regularly maintained to run at optimal levels.

Business owners have the option to purchase their own refrigerated vans, but rentals are also available throughout Australia. Aside from helping you save on maintenance cost, refrigerated van rentals also give you flexibility when running your business. This is particularly helpful during high-demand seasons like Christmas.