New Year’s Eve Party Checklist

New Year's Eve Party Checklist

At Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we work with a lot of food businesses – from catering to pop-up restaurants – we know that New Year’s Eve is always a big one! In this post, we share a simple New Year’s Eve Party Checklist to make sure you cover all bases.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Well, don’t guess but anticipate the number of people who are coming to your event. Are there any allergies you need to be aware of that might adjust your menu?

Food Menu

What are you going to serve? Do you have a refrigerated vehicle or mobile cold room if your party isn’t at a fixed location? You mightn’t be serving a full meal at your party but be sure to have some food on hand.

Beverage Menu

Seriously, what’s a New Year’s Eve party without popping some bubbly? Be sure to have plenty of champers on hand and any other drinks your guests are known to love. You can set our refrigerated vehicles for hire or mobile cold rooms for hire at specific temperatures so that your beverages will be served at the perfect temperature.

Got NYE surprises planned?

You can’t throw an NYE party without planning a countdown to midnight! Will you watch the TV for the national countdown or share your own NYE tradition? How do you want guests to celebrate and have fun at your event – make it different than your standard party.

Party Favours

Now, you don’t have to be Chinese to love a good fortune cookie! Send your guests home with a bag of fortune cookies to wish them “good fortune” in the New Year. Other cultures (like Germany) are known to melt lead to foresee the future year.  Originally, a small bit of lead or tin was melted and then dropped in water. The form created by the metal was examined to determine the future. Then, your fortune for the year is set. For instance, if the lead forms a ball, it means luck will roll your way. The shape of an anchor means help is coming when you need it. But a cross could be a bad omen. Today, lead kits are sold to make it easier…since most people don’t have bits of lead lying around. In the kit comes a spoon, some lead (often formed into celebratory shapes) a chart to help interpret the shapes, and a poem. Some people even try using wax instead.


After Champagne, there’s nothing more important than good music to listen to while drinking it. Ask all of your guests to give you their three favorite songs when they RSVP for the party. Then create a custom playlist with all of your guests’ favourites!