Non Food Items That Require Refrigerated Transport For Travel

polar bear standing on the ice blockHow would you get a 400kg polar bear from Sydney to the Gold Coast?

When you think of refrigerated transport, most of us think of fresh and frozen foods travelling all over the world. But did you know there are many non food items that need to be sent via refrigerated transport including polar bears?

We list some more interesting ones below…


From everyday medications to life-saving vaccines, transporting pharmaceuticals ensures essential products are delivered to where they are needed most.

But not just any transport vehicle will do…

When shipping pharmaceuticals, temperatures must be controlled and maintained to ensure efficacy and safety of goods. So, cold chain transportation is required and this means the use of climate controlled/refrigerated transport vehicles.

This transportation style is the same as used for frozen and fresh food but set at different temperatures.


Zoos and wildlife parks around the world need to move animals to maintain genetic diversity and for conservation reasons. 

Keeping these types of animals relaxed and safe during their journey to a new home is always the priority, so keeping their transport environment as close to the temperature they are used to is critical. That’s when refrigerated transport comes into play…

Animals such as polar bears and penguins are always moved using temperature-controlled transportation.

Fine Art and Antiquities

When it comes to fine art, historic books and ancient relics, heat and humidity can easily cause irreversible damage. Mould and mildew can grow, deteriorating or even destroying valuable pieces.

Because of these serious risks, storage and display facilities such as public museums, galleries and private collections must be secure, temperature controlled spaces. As do the vehicles used to transport these items.

Many fragile ancient objects, such as mummies, require custom designed packing and the use of fine art shippers who have climate controlled trucks with speciality suspension systems that absorb vibration.

Cosmetics And Perfumes

If you’ve ever left your lipstick in a hot car you’ll understand how heat can ruin expensive makeup products. It’s the same for the delicate scents of perfumes and the effectiveness of other personal care products. That’s why these goods are transported in refrigerated vehicles.

Summing up

So, it’s not just fresh and frozen foods being delivered around the world via refrigerated transport. Animals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fine art and antiquities also require refrigerated transport for travel.

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