The numerous benefits of a mobile cold room

brisk-mobile-cold-roomNot quite sure as to whether or not a mobile cold room is a worthwhile choice for your next personal or professional event? There are numerous benefits to hiring a mobile cold room that go beyond simple convenience. In this blog, we will be offering a quick look at some of the main ones.

They’re versatile

The use of mobile cold rooms aren’t just restricted to business owners or event planners. Mobile cold rooms can be hired for work and personal parties, street festivals, by catering companies looking for some extra cold storage space, for trips with friends, and more.

Many incorrectly assume mobile cold rooms are out of their budget or not applicable to their needs, but as long as you have something happening where you need a good amount of space to keep things stored and chilled, renting out a mobile cold room is a great way of solving that particular riddle.

They’re affordable

Chances are if you need a mobile cold room, then you’ve got something big happening. Whether it’s a party or a special event, a mobile cold room hire is an affordable and practical solution well within any reasonable budget. Want to save more? You could get a couple of friends to pitch in and pool your money together or hire for longer terms to reduce the day-to-day cost.

They’re convenient

While convenience is an obvious one, it’s still worth mentioning again. That’s because you can essentially have a mobile cold room with you anywhere you happen to go in Australia. And let’s face it, when you’ve got a big event coming up, having a mobile cold room to store all your drinks and food is a far easier feat than trying to bring several Eskies and getting them mixed up.

You have a choice

At Brisk Fridge, we offer two types of mobile cold rooms. A 2-tier shelf standard and a 3-tier shelf standard. Our 2-tier shelf mobile cold room can fit under most high set houses, ideal if you’re looking to use a cold room for a house party. Our 3-tier offers more space and is ideal for outdoor settings, such as outdoor parties, festivals, weddings, etc. If you’ve got a big event coming up, then the 3-tier option is probably the way to go.