Oktoberfest 2016

oktoberfest 2016

“Noch Ein Bier Bitte!” memorise that if you’re planning on going to Oktoberfest and want another beer. From Beer to Dirndls, Pretzels to Lederhosens, Oktoberfest is the ultimate festival to celebrate all things German! Originating in Munich, it’s known as the largest folk festival in the world. A wonderful event to get together with family, friends and the community, over the past 9 years, everyone has been travelling to Brisbane to celebrate Oktoberfest, German culture and traditions in style here in Queensland. Held over two weekends this year, October 7-9 and October 14-16, this year’s celebration will be even more epic than previous years as the German community celebrates the 500-year anniversary of the Bavarian Purity Law (Das Bayersiche Reinheitsgebot). In this post, we talk about how to make the most of your Oktoberfest 2016 experience and how refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms help run this awesome event not to be missed.

Essen (Eat)

Step into a small town in Bavaria…this is how it feels to experience Oktoberfest in Brisbane. On offer is a wide variety of German cuisine including but not limited to: Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), Bratwurst (sausage), Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage), Schnitzel (Breaded Chicken/Pork/Beef), Gebackenen Kartoffeln (Baked Potatoes) and freshly-baked pretzels.

And don’t forget to finish a hearty meal with ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ (Coffee and Cake), indulge in some traditional Germans treats such as Black Forest, Bee Sting, Sacher Torter (Chocolate Cake) and Apple Strudel are what you’ll find at this year’s festival.

Getrank (Drink)

Of course Bier (beer) is a big feature of this year’s festival, with a variety of hand-crafted german beers – made specially just for the Oktoberfest Brisbane and made even more special when imbibed using the specially crafted steins unique to the Brisbane Oktoberfest. There will be a refrigerated truck behind of the Bier Garten to hold all beer not in use, and mobile cold rooms will help keep all beverages cool and fresh for the duration of the event.

There will also plenty of other beverages on offer with premium German winery Brogsitter on site and showcasing their 400-year-wine expertise for all to enjoy. Go truly European, and indulge in a schnaps mix or a german sekt (sparkling wine).  

The Details You Need to Know

2016 Dates:

Oct 7-9 and 14-16

Fridays: 4pm – midnight

Saturdays: 11am – midnight

Sundays: 11am – 8pm

Where? Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills, Brisbane (entry via Gregory Terrace)

You can purchase tickets here.

A few words to remember

Other than “Noch ein bier bitte!” what else would be helpful to know before your Oktoberfest experience, here are a few simple words to note:

Prost! (pronounced to rhyme with toast) Cheers!

Bitte! Please!

Danke! Thank you!

Was fur bier haben sie? (The letter ‘w’ is pronounced as a ‘v’ in german) What types of beer do you have?

Entschuldigen Sie bitte Excuse me please (ent-shul-di-guhng) this will be helpful if there’s a lot of people in line and you’re trying to make your way around)