The 6 Outdoor Party Planning Essentials

Party Essentials

Attending a party is fun, but hosting a party can be a bit of a headache. That’s why there’s a demand for party planners or organisers who are willing to do the heavy work. If you’re asked to organise a party (either casually or professionally), it will do you good to learn (or be reminded) of the fundamental things about party planning and organisation. And when it comes to event management planning tips, you must first categorise things into two: the essentials and the optional ones.

Party hire essentials

As a planner and organiser, get these necessary details from the party host:

The reason

Is it a birthday? Baby shower? Adult mixers? Corporate event? Or a children’s party? Knowing why people will celebrate the occasion will set the course of your plans.

The date

As a planner, do not act in the last minute. Allot at least a month of preparation to iron things out. Of course, the longer the preparation time, the better.

The venue

Is the party indoor or outdoor? How many table and chairs will be needed? Will it be a cooking party or a swimming event?

As early as possible, scout for available venues so you can have lots of choices. This way, you wouldn’t have to settle with venues that have average quality. If it’s an outdoor party, consider too if the place can accommodate unpredictable conditions (like sudden rain) or be accessible to people with needs (like seniors and mobility-challenged guests).

The budget

How much is the allocated budget? Is it enough to rent a big venue? Will you be arranging a catering service, home cooking, or pot luck?

While parties can be expensive, know that it’s possible to execute the party with a just enough budget. By prioritising which party features to include, you can optimise the budget to come up with a successful event.

The guests

Who will be attending? How many are attending? Knowing the guest details will affect the choice of venue, food, and other matters. Also, as a planner, inviting the guests (and doing follow-ups) will be part of your responsibilities as well. You need a proper headcount to manage the event successfully.

Drinks and foods

What’s a party if there’s nothing to eat or drink, right? If it’s a kids party, then foods must be kid-friendly, like hotdogs and ice creams. If it’s an adults-only party, then cocktails are a must-have to make the event a blast! On the other hand, if mixed attendees, then consider putting variety in the menu offerings so that there will be something for everybody to enjoy.

Optional party details

After gathering the mandatory details, it’s now time to get other information to complete your planning. Under the optional category are factors that are flexible or can be done without. Some examples:

Party theme

It can be a themed party—say, have kids dressed as jungle animals or the grown-ups don in a red motif. Or you can forego a theme and just settle with an outdoor BBQ party or a simple clan gathering.


Sending out the invites is mandatory. But the manner this is done—formal letters, cute stationeries, email—will be up to the host’s decision. Or you can forego the formalities and just phone the guests about the upcoming event.

Photos and videos  

While a photo booth can be a fun way to preserve the happy memories, a party can survive without having this one. You can also consider hiring a photographer or a videographer to cover the event officially.


Is there a need for a lavish backdrop? Do you need lighting to glam up the area? Will balloons be okay for the occasion, or are flowers better?

The reason for the party will dictate what appropriate decors you should put up. The host may want extravagant decors or may prefer a simple ambience. Just the same, decorations mustn’t eat a large portion of the party’s budget.  

Other outdoor party hire essentials

Compared to indoor events, outdoor parties are a bit harder to plan and manage. You have to contend with the weather and other elements. Thus, you have to prepare for unpredictable situations. If you’re hired to plan an outdoor party, consider these amenities too:

  • Outdoor lighting to keep the party all night long
  • Air conditioners, misting and electric fans to keep guest cool and comfy
  • Outdoor tents for unexpected rain
  • Generator for back-up power
  • Portable toilets

When putting up an outdoor party—whether it’s a kid’s party or a black tie gala—remember: every element must be consistent. Match table and chairs for a stylistic appeal. Serve fresh food that’s consistent with the occasion. Pair the meals with matching linens and utensils. Use centrepieces to add accents to the event.


Last but not least, as some would say, most important – if there’s a party, there must be food. Again, don’t prepare just any food. Foods must match the occasion and must suit your guests’ taste.

Also, equally important is to keep foods fresh throughout the entire event. You wouldn’t want people complaining about stale food or tummy aches. To help you maintain the food’s freshness and be confident that the food you will serve is at the best quality, hire a refrigerated vehicle from us so you can keep food fresh, on the go, no matter where you are.