Party hire essentials

partyWhen throwing a party, you want it to be memorable.

Whether it’s an end-of-year work party, birthday party, or just a party celebrating anything at all, if you’re wanting that party to be memorable and stand-out from others, then you may need to look into a bit of party hiring. So, what could this include?



If you don’t want to have a massive party at your home, – which is understandable – than you may need to look into hiring a venue. The place you decide on could depend on the nature of the party, as well as the number of people that are coming along. If you’re looking to have a more relaxed setting, than you may hire out an outdoor public space. If it’s going to be a lot of noise and dancing, then a hall or even a function room within club or bar may cater to your needs. You don’t necessarily have to hire a venue, especially if your home has a large backyard and you’re not concerned about your belongings getting damaged, but it’s still worth considering.


When you’ve got a party or event where hundreds of people could be involved (e.g. wedding reception), then you most definitely need to consider hiring a catering company. Unless you have someone (or multiple someones) who is willing to handle the catering for you, then you’ll need to call in an actual company.

With catering, make sure you take into account everyone’s individual needs. Are they any vegetarians or vegans? Does anyone have an intolerance (such as lactose intolerance or Coeliac Disease)? Ultimately, if you have hundreds of people attending your event, you’ll want to ensure you’re properly catering for the event.

Mobile cold rooms

If you’re going to have a lot of drinks at your party or any other beverages and food that needs to be kept chilled until consumption, then a mobile cold room is something your party must have. Catering companies may have a cold room for their own goods, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have space to store your own drinks and additional food you want at the party. Mobile cold rooms come in various sizes, allowing a wide range of storage capabilities. Brisk Fridge has mobile cold rooms for hire. You can view our range here.

Portable toilet

A portable toilet is something you should certainly consider if your party is going to be held in an outdoor area that’s away from public toilets. Because, let’s be honest, if your party is going to involve a lot of eating and drinking, then people are going to need to go the toilet. Also make sure to account for how many people are coming to the party. If it’s in the 100+ range, then you’ll probably want to hire more than one portable toilet.


Planning a party or event soon and need a mobile cold room to store your goods in? Then give Brisk Fridge a call on 1300 798 558.


* Image source: Odessa International Film Festival