5 Popular Food Trucks in Brisbane



Eating good food shouldn’t be impossible if you’re on a budget. Food trucks are filling this gap in the market and popping up in markets and on streets all over the world. These mobile food trucks are the new craze, serving a range of cuisines from all over the world to Brisbane locals and offering a number of opportunities for small businesses, particularly with the help of mobile cold room rentals and refrigerated truck rentals. 

Every week, food trucks pop up all over the city, bringing taste-bud-tingling foods that will surely tantalise the senses. However, with so many food trucks to try and (sadly) so little time, it’s nearly impossible to choose which one to try. Fortunately, we got you covered! We’ve summed up 5 of the best food trucks you definitely don’t want to miss in Brisbane…

1. The Bun Mobile

The Bun Mobile is most famous for being one of the first food truck in Brisbane. The best thing about their food is that the owners only use local ingredients, so you can be sure they use only fresh, seasonal ingredients. They serve different steamed bun sandwiches, such as pork, chicken, or wagyu beef, and they also have a daily special which is definitely a must-try. They don’t have a set location as they move all over Brisbane, so be sure to check out their page for their latest spots and updates.

2. King of the Wings

This food truck is most famous for its – you guessed it – chicken wings! They were one of first food truck in Australia to serve American-style fried chicken. You can pick from five different chicken flavours and the wings are guaranteed to be flavourful and crispy! Again, there’s no specific place to find them, so you’ll need to check their page to keep updated.

3. Cheeselane

This truck is for the ultimate cheese lovers. Using only the best cheeses in Australia, they serve up gourmet toasted cheese sandwiches. One of their bestsellers is the ‘Three Cheese Toastie’ (Aged Cloth Cheddar, Gruyere, and Raclette). Again, it’s best to visit their site to get the latest news about their routes all around Brisbane.

4. Gelato a go-go

This is the mobile ice-cream van – 2018 version. Serving up a delicious rotation of 8 flavours at a time, the Gelato a go-go van is a relative newcomer to the Brisbane food truck scene. But what it lacks in years, it well and truly makes up for in delicious sweet treats, great branding, and an amazing French Citroen H Van. Check out the link to see where the truck will be popping up soon.

5. Pizzantica

Who doesn’t love pizza? This food truck is serving up the best Napoli pizza in town. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other topping choices, and they’re always trying out different pizza specials. They’re also known for serving desserts such as strawberry calzone and Nutella calzones. Dinner and dessert! What more could you ask for? They roam all over Brisbane so track them down now through their page.