How Refrigerated Vehicles & Mobile Cold Rooms Save the Day

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“The flowers are already here”

“Already? What will we do?!”

“The cake’s here too”

To stop the Bride turning into Bridezilla, make sure you’ve got a refrigerated van and a mobile cold room at your disposal. In this post, we talk about some of the many ways refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms save the day – literally!

You can have your cake and eat it too!

Refrigerated vehicles are a must when it comes to the wedding cake. Getting the wedding cake to the venue is one major concern for couples, and ensuring the cake’s safety helps them have peace of mind on the day.

Having a refrigerated van also ensures that the cake’s ingredients remain at a safe temperature. If it is not shelf-stable, the cake will need to be kept at a certain temperature at all times.

The Bride won’t be the only one blooming

Flowers are a big part of wedding celebrations, from the bridal party bouquets and groomsmen flower pins, to table centrepieces and general decoration.

While waiting for the flowers to make their entrance (and particularly on a hot summer’s day) how can you keep them looking fresh? Cool air from a refrigerated vehicle or mobile cold room can help keep flowers fresh and stop them from wilting prematurely.

The best part of weddings…is the food & drinks

One of the things most people look forward to (other than seeing their loved ones celebrate tying the knot) is the food & drinks! Catering for events like this can be a challenge but with a refrigerated van (to transport food & drinks to the venue) and a mobile cold room ready and waiting, you can be sure food can stay fresh until needed.