Do you need refrigerated vehicles in winter?

Do you need refrigerated vehicles in winter?

Hot weather can wreak havoc on fresh foods and perishable goods. So when it’s cold, is it as important to have a refrigerated vehicle? As winter comes to an end, we look at why it’s just as important to have a refrigerated vehicle or cold room in the colder months.

Refrigerated vehicles are a great transport and delivery option, not only for the Australian climate but all over the world. We spoke about the importance of refrigerated vehicles during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and you wouldn’t really call Russia a warm country!

Buying a vehicle or cold room yourself can be an expensive undertaking. For those who don’t want to buy one outright, hiring them for short or long-term periods is the perfect option.

Commonly, cold storages are known for storing and transporting food products, but they can be used in so many different ways. The most important thing is that it keeps whatever is inside at a steady, constant temperature, rather than experiencing fluctuations in temperatures that usually spell the end of many perishable goods.

Here’s the kinds of things that can be delivered using refrigerated vehicles throughout the year:

Great for Flower Delivery

Flowers tend to be more temperature-sensitive compared to food products. With this, controlled temperature and spacious capacity must be considered and this why refrigerated vans are particularly handy for flower deliveries.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Aside from flowers, another fragrant product that likes temperature controlled environments is perfumes and cosmetics. Too much heat or too much moisture can easily spoil perfume products due to the fragile nature of the ingredients, as well as the bottles. Cosmetics as well, like lipstick and mascara, can be ruined in extreme heat.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Large scale delivery of chemicals and pharmaceuticals usually requires freight services, but if handling these products on a smaller scale, refrigerated vans are the perfect solution. With chemicals and pharmaceutical products, the important thing to ensure is the stable exposure of temperatures. Once the chemical products collide with improper heat, this may lead to sudden accidents and even explosions.

Furniture Set and Antiques

If you’re moving house and need a transport or storage van for your furniture, refrigerated trucks and vans are also a good way to go. Not everyone knows that even furniture has the tendency to be destroyed in fluctuating and extreme temperature conditions. Luckily, refrigerated truck rental is available in a range of different sizes and capacities in order to fit your budget and your furniture.

Cigarettes and other Tobacco products

Delivering flammable goods is very dangerous, especially when your services cannot maintain the right temperature for these products. Using refrigerated trucks or vans will ensure your flammable goods are delivered safely. Heat exhaustion and exposure to extreme cold temperatures can spoil tobacco, so it’s important to transport and store them in temperature-controlled environments.

Blood and Organ Donations

Time is the most important thing when transporting organ and blood donations. Most hospitals and clinic facilities allow temperature controlled vehicles as the service for their blood and organ donations. With the help of refrigerated vans, the required temperature needed for the organs and blood packs is easily maintained and transportation can happen quickly.