Refrigerated Vehicles & Mobile Coldrooms in the Holiday Season


Does your business or family need a refrigerated vehicle this Christmas? If your business involves the delivery of frozen or chilled food or you’re someone who wants to plan a big family reunion/event this festive season, then look no further! In this post, we take a closer look at refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms during the holiday season. If you are anticipating a boom in business and need support to expand your fleet of delivery trucks, transportation, or small vans, Brisk Fridges can provide both short and long short term hire.

Christmas Markets

From food sellers (as extensions to established restaurants) to fish purveyors, any business that relies on food that has the potential to perish being delivered on time needs to use a refrigerated vehicle to successfully serve off-site. For example, let’s use eggs. Scientists warn that something needs to be done about the potential problems caused by extending the shelf life of eggs beyond what is considered reasonably safe, caterers are among those most affected by the increased risk.

Where caterers are concerned, they may purchase high volumes of eggs in anticipation of upcoming events or a busy holiday season. Caterers rely on the freshest of eggs to keep their clients happy. They cannot afford to be unsure about the shelf life of current inventory. This is especially true during the warmer summer months when higher temperatures can encourage the growth of salmonella bacteria. One obvious solution is to store eggs in a refrigerated environment until they are used. Refrigerated eggs tend to have a longer shelf life because colder temperatures inhibit the growth of salmonella.

Christmas Deliveries

Whether you are the Christmas butcher delivering those all important Christmas turkeys, or a caterer working on a private Christmas party, you aren’t going to get very far without some form of refrigerated vehicle, even if it’s just to comply with the rigorous food health and hygiene legislation.

Seasonal Demand

While you have to adapt and change to market demand, you don’t always want to make permanent changes to your business structure. If you require additional transport vehicles for shipments and high demand periods, meet seasonal demand with our refrigerated vehicles and/or mobile cold rooms for hire.

Family Getaways

These holidays, why not take the family to a nearby island like Stradbroke? While there are general camping facilities, keep your food and produce at its best using a mobile cold room. Furthermore, it can be hard to attain ice as there are no public use fridges on campgrounds.