Samsung’s Transparent Truck could save lives

Road safety is incredibly important, and Samsung’s recent efforts to improve said road safety is something worth talking about.

One of the most recent and exciting steps to be made in the move towards safer roads comes courtesy of the South Korean tech giant. The company recently tested out a number of ‘transparent’ trucks on the roads of Argentina, where the abundance of two-lane roads means that taking over a semi-trailer truck can be quite dangerous – especially when you need to use an oncoming lane to do so.


How the transparent truck works

Samsung’s line of transparent trucks, which the company has referred to as Safety Trucks, represent what could be the next step up in helping motorists reduce blind spots while on the road. The blind spot in question is the one that is created when you’re travelling behind a semi-trailer truck or oversized vehicle and your view of the road ahead (both your lane and the opposing oncoming lane) is significantly blocked.

On country roads, it’s not uncommon to overtake a vehicle in front of you by temporarily merging into the oncoming lane, accelerating past them, and then returning to your proper lane. However, when caught behind a larger vehicle, getting a clear view of the road and when it’s safe to move over into an oncoming lane can be difficult and, by extension, quite dangerous.

While not literally transparent, Samsung’s Safety Truck includes a screen that is installed on the back of the trailer (comprising four monitors in total) which streams a live feed of what’s in front of the truck – this is captured by a front facing wireless camera on the truck’s front.

Along with providing drivers with a clear view of what’s up ahead in front of the trucks, it can also provide a clearer visual warning to other hazards such as fallen power lines and/or animals crossing the road, which has the potential to prevent motorists from having to slam on their brakes and cause other possible accidents.

Samsung’s transparent trucks utilise night vision-enabled cameras, which means any motorist behind one of these trucks can still see what’s up ahead, regardless of the time of day.

For the moment, Samsung has removed the trucks from the roads but is seeking further funding and support from nonprofits and government regulators.

You can read more about the Safety Trucks over on Samsung’s blog. Be sure to also check out the video below.