Seafood Markets in Queensland

Seafood markets

Over the years our refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms have helped many hospitality businesses serve seasonal needs. Some of these businesses excel at what Queensland is well-known for – Seafood. 

In this post, we look at some famous seafood markets you’ll find right here in Queensland. In no particular order:

Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-op (Main Beach, Gold Coast)

There’s no better way to ensure you get the freshest seafood than by getting it from the fishermen themselves. Boats leave each evening, trawl through the night and return in the morning loaded up with their fresh catch, selling directly from their boats. You’re actually buying from the locals that made the catch only a few hours earlier!

Harbour Seafood Market (Labrador, Gold Coast)

Popular on the Gold Coast, customers of this marker have come to know they’ll be able to get the best selection of fresh ocean-caught seafood, as well as enjoy small meals in their on-site snack shop. In addition, live oysters are kept in their special tanks and shucked onsite.

The Fish Factory (Morningside, Brisbane)

Well-known and loved in Brisbane, they have a newly renovated fish market, which boasts itself as one of Brisbane’s largest seafood markets. They now offer oyster shucking on-site as well as filleting. They are a full-service, one-stop seafood shop! It’s known to be one of the best fish and seafood markets in Queensland.

Morgan Seafood Market (Redcliffe Peninsula, Brisbane)

With 180+ products across 30m of ice (daily) it comes as no surprise that they’re known to have the largest shop display of fresh seafood in Queensland. The market also includes a fresh retail shop, cook shop (Take Away) and Oyster Bar.

Grunskes By The River (Bundaberg)

Being one of only a handful of seafood processors left in the state that deal directly with the public, Grunskes By The River can ensure 100% of the local seafood is destined for your plate. They have a team of processors that work daily to shuck scallops, peel prawns, fillet fish and prepare seafood for their retail customers and restaurant.

Rocky Reef Seafood  (Rockhampton)

The Rockies are known to have some of the best quality fresh and frozen seafood. Plus you can get the catch-of-the-day on-site, available at the market.

Ocean World Seafood (Cairns)

Cairns position and seafood heritage means you’re sure to be swept away with their seafood selection. At Ocean World Seafood Market, they’re all about quality – the finest fresh fish, shellfish and frozen seafood are sold to both the retail and wholesale market. With access to fresh seafood and amazing produce, chefs in Cairns and tropical North Queensland are able to craft truly magnificent dishes.