5 Advantages of Refrigerated Truck Rentals


More and more these days, refrigerated truck rentals are growing in popularity among businesses.

What drives the interest comes down to a number of factors, but one key takeaway is that truck rentals ultimately give businesses more control over how they take care of their goods and produce during transport.

In today’s blog, we’ve listed 5 key advantages that come with the option of refrigerated truck rentals.

1. Flexibility with time

When comparing a refrigerated truck rental against other options such as hiring a company to move your goods for you, one clear advantage is the flexibility of time. At Brisk Refrigerated Truck Hire, we offer our clients both the option of short term and long term truck rental timeframes. So depending on what you need to move from point A to B (or even point C), you have the confidence of knowing that more flexible timeframes will be possible than if you were asking a freight or logistics company to move the goods for you.

2. Flexibility with size

Just as you have more freedom with time, refrigerated truck rentals also provide you with the opportunity of choosing the type of truck that best suits your needs. How much produce/goods to you have transport? With rentals, you can choose the size of the truck you need, from smaller, more compact options to more open, medium-sized offers. So if you don’t have that much to move, you don’t have to pay for a truck that is simply too oversized for your needs.

3. Covers you when your trucks are out of service

Refrigerated truck rentals are a great solution for any business that happens to have one of their own trucks out of commission due to necessary repairs or a mechanical fault. If you rely heavily on your own refrigerated trucks to ensure the efficient operations of your business, then it’s important to always have a back-up. Having a relationship with a refrigerated truck rental service provider is a good option.

4. You can handle your goods and produce how you like to

When you have a third party freight or logistics provider handle the packing and transport of your goods or produce, it’s likely that they may handle your goods in a way that you personally wouldn’t. For example, while a road freight provider may know how to properly pack and transport goods such as meats and vegetables, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re equally as knowledgeable on how to pack and transport other goods such as flowers.

Different items and products require different considerations, and it’s a safe bet that you will best know how to handle your goods in a way to minimise the likelihood of damage or other issues during transport. By renting out your own refrigerated truck, it allows you to handle your goods the way you know works.

5. Ideal temperatures

With each rental truck we lease out, we allow our clients to note the required temperature range they need. While our trucks are refrigerated, how cold the truck needs to be to support different types of goods and produce does change. So whether you need your goods to be outright frozen or simply kept in a cooler environment to stave off premature ageing, we’ve got you covered.

At Brisk Refrigerated Truck Hire, we offer our clients a number of options, including size, temperature ranges and rental timeframes. If you’d like to find out more about our services, give us a call on 1300 798 558