Staying cool in Brisbane this summer

staying cool in Brisbane this summer

Keeping your eye on the thermometer and seeing tops of 29 and 30 (or even higher)? How do you keep cool outdoors? Summer is definitely on its way back – if not already here! While the weather is perfect for outdoor adventures (food trucks and refrigerated trucks making their ultimate season entrance) it can still feel so hot you might not get to enjoy these outdoor events as much as you should! In this post, we want to share some ideas for staying cool in Brisbane this summer.

Cool wear

Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light colour. Cotton clothing is even better and will keep you cooler than most synthetics.

Stay Hydrated

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will promote dehydration.Keep bottles of water in the freezer; grab one when you’re ready to go outside. As the ice melts, you’ll have a supply of cold water with you. Furthermore, try to eat high water content foods. Many fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew, grapes, coconuts, cucumber and tomatoes contain 90% or higher water content by weight. Eating them in abundance will keep you hydrated. If you’re planning to cater an event, don’t forget you can keep them cool with a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room.

Spray It

Whether you’re catering an outdoor event yourself or attending it, make sure to fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge for a quick refreshing spray to your face when you get out of the sun. Go a step further and get one attached to a small, portable, battery-powered fans, the effect is a cool mist sprayed to you when you want.

Go to the shady areas

Sitting or standing in direct sunlight can become a health risk if it goes on for long periods of time. At many outdoor events, shaded areas that shelter guests from the bright sunshine are usually littered around the grounds. Umbrellas or other shade structure such as awnings or tents provide an escape from the sun.

Dive In

Beat the heat by making a splash! Brisbane is home to a number of awesome watering holes, offering swimming for the whole family, here’s just a few:

  • Southbank Parklands – The first place we thought of was swimming at Southbank! Featuring a man made swimming pool, water park inclusions, a man made beach, BBQs, picnic table, shade and toilets – it’s the perfect destination for a summer day out for the whole family.
  • Wynnum Wading Pool – The pool fills with seawater at high tide and is an ideal spot to splash around and cool down without having to venture out into the open water. There’s also a number of picnic areas and cafes to stroll around when you get there.
  • Chermside Aquatic Centre – A mini water park (with slides) need we say more? A fun day to splash around for kids and adults alike it to be had here.