Staying cool during school activities

There have been many scorching hot days this summer and somehow it doesn’t seem to be winding down any time soon, with temperatures still pushing north of 30C. It’s important to stay cool during this gradual transition into autumn.

Whatever time of the year, the kids are going to be heading down to their school or local sports club to play their chosen game. School fetes, sports carnivals, academic get togethers, and other school activities are coming thick and fast. There is no escaping your parently duties! Getting yourself prepared can be key. In order to adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment and weather, you need to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. It’s impossible to prepare for every single scenario as parent or organiser. But part of being prepared is having the ability to think outside-of-the-box and be super flexible in any and all instances.


The School Fete

Fetes can be manageable. It is important to remember to sprint between sun drenched thoroughfares of carnival crazed people to shade-covered serenity. Obviously the obligatory dagwood dog and cool drink from a nearby mobile cold room is a no brainer. Money will be spent on impossible carnival games and head spinning thrill rides, but if you keep yourself cool the whole family will be cheery with their day out. They might even be willing to head back to school without forcing them on Monday.

The Big Game

Club and school sports in hot weather puts extra stress on the body. If you don’t take care and prepare before that big game in the heat, your core body temperature can spike. Most weekends are jam packed with swimming carnivals and epic grudge matches against regional rivals, so it will be hard to plan ahead and know where the cooler spots are to spectate. Maybe there is a club house, maybe not, whichever way you look at it, the success of the venue will be based on their ability to keep you cool.

While bare feet might get singed around the pools edges, or your young cricketers might be dreading to don their full whites for a six-hour stint out in the midday heat, it is important to remember that they love what they do, come rain or shine. Sport will always trump homework in their minds and it’s important to nurture their desires to be the next Stephanie Rice or Shane Watson. Being a Queenslander means finding the clever ways to combat the heat and to keep yourself fresh, make sure they keep hydrated and inspired to take on their next big milestone or young career defining challenge.

Awards Night

Now the more formal affairs on the school quadrangle can be long and drawn out, but you have eyed off the refreshments and finger food, all you need to do now is somehow break free of the conversation with that parent whose name you just can’t quite remember. Your night may be highlighted by a child graduating or the presentation of an award, but what will sit in the back your mind is how cold and chilled your lemon and lime Schweppes was.

It is the best and busiest times of their young lives, so make sure all bases are covered and all organisations have pre-planned for the many events and activities that will be undertaken in such a short amount of time. As always, Brisk Fridge is there to lend a hand with any of your refrigeration needs!


At Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we offer a wide range of refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms for hire. If you believe you will need a portable cold room solution for your next fete or event, give us a call on 1300 798 558.