The 5 Not So Obvious Reasons Why You Should Hire A Mobile Cold Room

There are many reasons why hiring a mobile cold room is the perfect solution for your next event. Whether it’s for a party, wedding or corporate function, a mobile cold room gives you a convenient way to store food and drinks. 

Here’s 5 not so obvious reasons why you should hire a mobile cold room:

  • Convenience:  A mobile cold room is convenient because you can easily transport it to your event location. During your event, you can easily move it around to a more shady spot. 


  • Control temperature: Another benefit of a mobile cold room is that you can control the temperature throughout your event. Rather than an esky full of melting ice, a mobile cold room keeps the right temperature for your cold drinks and food


  • Range of sizes: Mobile cold rooms come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of various events. Depending on the amount of food and drinks, or the number of people coming to your party, you may need to upsize or downsize your cold room. At Brisk, we have different sizes of mobile cold rooms to suit any occasion. 


  • Cost effective: Mobile cold rooms offer all the benefits of walk-in cold rooms, without the installation and build costs. Mobile cold rooms are also cheaper to operate. They can be hired for a day or for several months. With a mobile cold room, you can add cold storage to your business and boost your business. Or, they are an affordable way to keep things cool at an event. At Brisk, we offer flexible hire options, so you can afford to use our mobile cold rooms, cool rooms and freezers for as long as you need. 


  • Versatile: Mobile cold rooms can be used for a wide range of events and businesses. This includes home parties or functions, weddings, corporate events, as extra cold space for restaurants and cafes, catering, sports events, festivals, markets, florists, home farming, and for emergency back-up refrigeration. 

Looking to hire a mobile cold room? Contact the experts; Brisk.