The benefits of long-term cold room hire

Cold room storage hire is a very economic decision for many businesses these days. For many restaurants, and other businesses in which the storage of goods needs to be kept at a controlled temperature, cold storage is a valuable commodity. Whether you’re a small business like a food truck, a top restaurant or even in the medical industry, there are benefits for using mobile cold storage for the long-term.


Cost Effective

Mobile cold rooms offer flexible, predictable and manageable payments and ongoing support. Maintenance is also built into the rental cost, so you can factor this into your running costs.

Installing a cold room or any type of commercial refrigeration unit can most likely cost thousands of dollars. If you’re adding a cold room onto a pre-existing structure, this can disrupt workflow as tradesmen will be coming and going during business hours on your premises. Not to mention, having a permanent cold room adds up to your electricity bill when you have to keep fans running and cool air circulating.  

Hiring one does not require such a large investment and again, you don’t need to worry about any ongoing maintenance costs. What does it cost? Just the price of hiring out a truck or mobile cold room – and you are instantly set up to enjoy all the benefits of a walk-in cold room.


One of the best benefits of mobile cold rooms is the expanded space you now have for storage. In times where you’ve received an unexpected surplus of goods, or didn’t use others as quickly as you had planned to, then the external storage can be a very welcome asset. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to throwing out what could be very valuable stock just make space, especially if you could still make sales with it.


Cold rooms are essential for perishable goods to sustain its crisp and freshness. When you use one for the long-term, for example, you won’t need to worry about power outs at your restaurant premises. It can happen, and more often that you think. No worries, your mobile cold room can still run and help make sure you don’t have any food spoilage. Another example would be, if you’re in the medical industry, and your clinic wishes to run a blood drive. With your cold room hire, you can be sure that you medical facilities refrigeration needs are met throughout your trip.