Why Hire a Mobile Cold Room?

why hire a mobile cold room

A lot of food products (particularly meat and dairy) have specific storage requirements to protect them from spoilage. It requires time, knowledge, and even money to properly store different kinds of food to their requirements, especially when you have a business and need to follow food health and safety guidelines.

Before we had refrigeration, most foods that spoiled quickly were consumed within the same day they were sourced or preserved using different methods like pickling or drying. But we’ve come a long way from there and technology for storing and transporting refrigerated items has advanced to much safer methods.

In this post, we ask for both businesses and individuals – why hire a mobile cold room?
Mobile Cold Rooms have been one of the most convenient and spacious methods for safe and fresh storage of large amounts of food – perfect for restaurants, festivals, and even for personal use. We all know that home refrigerators and freezers can lack in space – and that’s part of the idea behind mobile cold rooms. They provide more space for other food products and gives you peace of mind against food spoilage, plus allowing you the flexibility to move and transport the food.

Why choose mobile cold rooms?

  • Mobile cold rooms are perfect if you’re looking for an extended storage area. Spoilage of food due to improper storage can cause a lot more than loss off money, it can also put people and other foods in the vicinity at risk of contamination.
  • Maybe it’s too cold for vegetables and other products? This isn’t a problem with Mobile Cold Rooms as they are equipped with temperature controllers that allow you to adjust to your preferred temperature.
  • If there is ever an electricity problem, the food in the cold room will stay refrigerated for a long time, as the cold room is heavily insulated and air tight.
  • Mobile cold rooms are just that – mobile! They are great if you have to travel distances or constantly move for your business, or even if you’re just not looking for a permanent option.

“I don’t have a restaurant, why should I hire a Mobile Cold Room?”

One main misconception with Mobile Cold Rooms is that they are only helpful to businesses that serve large amounts of food. They’re also great for:

  • travelling / camping
  • weddings
  • outdoor events
  • blood donations programmes
  • for businesses – hire them as-needed, as a ‘try before you buy’ test


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