Cool tips for summer entertaining

Summer is here, and if you’re like most Aussies wanting to make the most out of the great weather, for sure you’ll be planning to spend some of your time outdoors – camping, fishing, throwing a beach BBQ, and maybe even attending music or sporting events. Summer holidays mean you’re also going to be around family and friends. In this blog post, we share some ideas on keeping food and drinks fresh and cool on especially humid days.



From 1L to even large 120L ice boxes, eskies are a great way to keep food and drinks cool during the summer. However, while they are great you may also need several if you’re catering for a bigger group (each one can be quite heavy to carry) and the time they keep things cool is limited to the ice bricks you pack. Temperature isn’t something you can control so you have to be careful of what foods you pack into eskies without ruining the taste and texture.

Portable Fridges

You can get portable fridges that run from your car battery and a normal electricity connection, or even off LP gas – meaning you can enjoy refrigerated goods at caravan parks and camping grounds with and without power at the sites. Or perhaps if you’re an avid fisherman, use a portable fridge to store your bait and your fresh catch of the day.

Another example when a portable fridge comes in exceptionally handy is when you live far from the nearest shops. Use one in the car to store milk and other perishables in the fridge on the trip home from the shops.

Mobile Cold Room

When you’re catering for a large group of people one of the biggest challenges is delivery. You need to get food at the right location, on time, in the right conditions and avoid spoilage. Most family reunions and office parties call for a lot of food – be prepared for even the largest of parties and BBQs by hiring a cold room. You may have seen some at local community festivals and fairs, so you know they’re great to hire if you’re planning on organising an event that you know a lot of people are going to attend.

Mobile cold rooms have low power requirements, lockable doors (so you don’t have to worry about things going missing when you’re busy enjoying event activities) and include shelving units and lights (you can use your cold room at night without a problem). This means it’s so much easier to get your food and drinks to everyone in a breeze – no worries about being stuck in traffic and ending up with spoiled goods, as your cold room keeps things cool for many hours.