Top Tips For Getting The Most Out of a Mobile Cold Room This Summer

With a scorching Queensland summer in full swing, a Mobile Cold Room is more necessary than ever.

Summer hosts a myriad of events that need a mobile cold room and you’ll love the convenience and portability that these cold rooms have to offer. 

However, mobile cold rooms in 40 degree heat do have to work harder to keep your goods cool… 

Here are our tips on how to get the most of yours:

Avoid Full Sun (Where You Can)

If you place your mobile cold room in direct sun in the middle of summer, it’ll be working overtime to compete with the heat.

Placing it in a cooler, more shaded area will save a lot of energy.

This also helps to designate an area to cool off while people eat and drink!

Don’t Leave The Door Open

Your mum was right when she told you to ‘close the fridge door’!

To keep your food and drinks cold, it’s best to avoid leaving the door of your cold room open or opening it excessively. 

While it might be tempting to use it as a way to cool yourself down, you’ll also be letting hot air in. Think of your drinks!

Manage The Temperature 

It is important to keep the temperature inside the cold room consistent. 

This means you should avoid putting in hot things that will meddle with the already cool products. After all, it takes more energy to cool down a product than it does to maintain its temperature.

If you need a mobile cold room, Brisk has you covered. We have a range of mobile cool rooms and refrigerated trucks to buy and hire.

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