Top Tips To Get The Best Out of Your Cold Room in Hot Weather

Summer barbecues, picnics, and parties wouldn’t be complete without a mobile cold room to keep your foods and drinks cool.

A mobile cold room is convenient, versatile, cost-effective, and comes in a range of sizes. It’s the perfect solution for keeping cool at your next summer event.

In the summer heat, refrigerated equipment has to work harder to keep its goods cool. There are some simple things you can do to make it easier. Here are our top tips to get the best out of your cold room in hot weather.

1. Seek Shade

Avoid placing your mobile cold room in the direct summer sun, or it’ll be working extra hard to overcome the heat. Placing it in a cooler, more shady space will save energy and make it more efficient.

This will also make a shady space for people to hang out and have their drinks.

2. Close The Door

To keep your food and drinks cold, it’s best to leave the door closed and avoid opening it too often.

Try to organise meals at specific times to avoid opening the cold room too often. Don’t be tempted to leave the door open and let the cold air escape to cool down your guests. This will only let the hot air in.

3. Check The Temperature

Make sure you keep the temperature inside the mobile cold room consistent. With a Brisk mobile cold room, you can control the temperature throughout your event. Rather than an esky full of melting ice, a mobile cold room keeps the right temperature for your cold drinks and food.

Looking To Hire A Mobile Cold Room?

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