Transport safety during warmer months


We’re entering into the home stretch of spring, meaning that temperatures will only continue to soar here in Queensland.

There are always a number of safety factors that need to be taken into consideration with spring and summer travels, regardless of whether you’re doing a road trip with the family or delivering goods for your business. In today’s article, we list a few things to take note of while travelling in the heat – besides using air conditioning, of course.

Keep the fluids up

Chances are you would already be taking fluids with you during spring or summer travels, but the importance of having water with you is absolutely paramount when dealing with high temperatures and excessive humidity. When you combine these two elements, it makes it very easy for you to rapidly become dehydrated, This dehydration will typically leave you feeling ill or exhausted. Whether it’s water or products such as Powerade (which give you a water and sugar fix), you’ll want fluids that are there tokeep you hydrated. This will help stave off dehydration and the health risks it can cause. Whatever you do, do not underestimate how substantial the health impact of dehydration can be.

You’ll need sugar

While fluids keep you hydrated, you’ll also need energy. Sugar is one great way to have shorts bursts of energy, to keep you more alert while driving. However, obviously sugar won’t work for everyone dependent on medical conditions or other possible health-related factors, such as diabetes. Regardless, you need to have some source of energy on you, be it snacks, sandwiches, stopping off for meals or even getting some shut-eye. The more time you spend in the sun, the more lethargic it’ll tend to make you feel.


As you more than likely know, in Australia, the spring sun can often be as strong – if not worse – than many other countries’ summer sun. To avoid severe sunburn, keep sunscreen on you at all times and remember to reapply it every few hours.

Keep an eye on your engine’s status

As conditions are harder and temperatures more fierce, that naturally means that your engine is being put through its paces will get hotter faster. Provided your vehicle is in good condition, it’s unlikely your engine will overheat, but the chances are still far more likely than they are during the end of autumn and all of winter. Regardless of whether your vehicle is likely to overheat, stop from time to time so that both you and it can recover.


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