What you can do at Ekka 2015

The Ekka is here for another year in Brisbane.

At Brisk Fridge, we love any type of celebration, and the Ekka is certainly one of Brisbane’s biggest. From the food to the rides lining Sideshow Alley, we’ve listed just some of the things you can do and check out this year.

For a closer look, simply go to the official Ekka website.



There’s plenty of food at the Ekka, from sit down restaurants to on-the-go food trucks located throughout the RNA Showgrounds. If you want to take a deeper look and get some invaluable tips and tricks for cooking at home, one of Queensland’s leading chefs, Dominique Rizzo, is hosting daily shows – from offering tips on cuts of pork to putting together fantastic meals comprising cooking with cheese.

And, of course, classic staples such as dagwood dogs and strawberry ice cream sundaes are in their usual ready supply.


From pieces of art such as sculptures and paintings to the likes of food displays and horse breeds, there’s plenty that’s on display this year at the Ekka. Don’t forget that there’s a giant vegetable display if you’re a fan of oversized pumpkins. As for meat lovers, there’s an abundance of different types at the Meat Hall, open from 9 to 5 every day.


In the entertainment category, the Ekka is chock-full of things to check out. There’s live music, bush poetry, a comedy hypnosis show, races, dinosaurs, animal talent shows, marching bands, stunt cars (and BMXs), woodchopping, pig petting, and more. Then, of course, there’s the Grand Parade, which takes place on People’s Day – 12 August. What we’ve listed barely scratches the surface of what’s happening at this year’s Ekka, but it at least gives you an idea of the breadth of entertainment available.

Showbag Pavilion and Sideshow Alley

Showbags and Sideshow Alley have been long-enduring features of the Ekka, and 2015 is no exception. You can check out the range of Showbags via the official Ekka website, as well as the rides making a return or debuting this year in Sideshow Alley.


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