Where To Buy The Best Wholesale Seafood In Queensland

Wholesale seafood

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you are looking to buy wholesale seafood in Queensland. 

Queensland is renowned for its fresh air, clean ocean and stretches of pristine beaches… which is what makes our seafood so delicious!

With so many vendors to choose from, you’ll be wondering which fishmonger has the freshest and tastiest sea creatures?

We’ve done the rounds for you to compile our list of the best wholesale seafood distributors in Queensland:

Frank’s Seafood

Frank’s Seafood is known for their fresh, sustainable and local products that are sourced daily. 

Their headquarters is based in the south of Brisbane, in the suburb of West End and cater to high end restaurants and hotels across south-east Queensland.

You won’t be disappointed with their high-quality range of fish, prawns, muscles and more!

Brisbane Fishman’s Co.

At Brisbane Fisherman’s Co., they don’t skimp on quality or freshness.

This family business has been a part of the fishing industry for over 65 years… so they know their way around seafood.

With direct access to Moreton Bay for daily supplies, this wholesale supplier won’t disappoint!

Custom Seafood Distributors

For quality products at competitive prices, look no further than Custom Seafood Distributors.

You can choose between live, fresh or frozen seafood and be rest assured on their high standard of produce. For personalised service for your needs, Custom Seafood is the one stop shop.

The Fish Factory

If you need premium Australian seafood, you can’t go wrong at The Fish Factory.

Along with their fresh and delicious range of products, they’ve made ordering wholesale simple. Download the app on your phone for fast and easy fish! 

Their fish market in Morningside is also open 6 days a week if you just want to sample their goods before buying in bulk. 

Buying Wholesale?

If you are buying seafood in bulk, you’ll want to ensure that it maintains its freshness when you get it to its destination. Brisk Fridge’s refrigerated truck rentals have a range of solutions for keeping your seafood cold and quality. 

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