Why Refrigerated Transport Is So Important Right Now

With the global upheaval of society due to COVID-19, it occured to me what a privilege it is to still be able to access and enjoy fresh food and quality healthcare. While for some of us our normal way of life has been stripped away, the importance of these essential products and services has become very obvious to us all…

Fresh food and healthcare are essential for the health and well being of all of us. And right now that is the most important thing.

So now more than ever, having our temperature and humidity sensitive foods and goods arrive in top condition is critical and expected by businesses and customers. 

To safely transport these essential products throughout the world, requires temperature monitoring technology and that’s why refrigerated transport is so important right now…

Most of us no longer take for granted such things as popping to the supermarket or heading to the pharmacy to buy simple supplies… 

In recent months we’ve all seen shortages in some essentials such as headache tablets, flour and meats (not to mention toilet paper). This illustrates the importance of supply chain workers, services and associated equipment and made many of us feel concerned about the sustainability of supply. However, even during this uncertain time Australians can expect constant and easy access to fresh food and medicines thanks to refrigerated transport…

To get fresh and frozen foods to us requires it to be safely shipped via some form of temperature controlled refrigerated transport. Even with social distancing and travel restrictions in place this is possible because food supply is an essential service.

Many people probably have never thought about how medicines and medical products arrive at their doctor, hospital or chemist. Manufacturing medicines and getting medicines to where they need to be requires complex transport efforts, some of which require strict temperature monitored transport and refrigerated transportation.

Strategic medical supply chain teams work hard to:

  • Map out each journey, to ensure timely supply and anticipating any problems. 
  • Coordinate appropriate individual carriers, trucks, freight trains and airplanes to meet manufacturers, customs and regulatory authorities.

Refrigerated transport is so important right now because of the timely and safe supply of fresh food and medical products is essential for the health and wellbeing of us all.

Do you need to transport fresh goods?

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