Wonderland Festival 2019

Wonderland Festical 2019

Held over 9 days (November 21 to December 1), Wonderland Festival is one of the year’s most anticipated Christmas events in Brisbane. It’ll be the 6th year of action-packed fun over the days with burlesque, circus and magic acts to really get the crowd going!

We’re writing for anyone who is interested in feeling the Christmas Spirit on the promenade held at the Powerhouse or for those interested in looking at exciting places they can serve there own businesses and foods at. This is the place to join!

There are a number of outlandish and fun events to attend, held all over the Festival to fill up this weekend, so don’t worry about running out of things to do. It’s simply not possible! Interested in seeing the full list of acts, stalls and entertainment? Visit this link to find out more!  

This Wonderland Festival is shaping up to be the best yet. Previous to 2019, they’ve had no trouble selling out shows and providing exciting summertime evenings that really embraced Brisbane’s culture and showcased all we have to offer to visitors of our wonderful city. Don’t miss out! See more details and find out more information here!